​Insomnia is an abusive lover, a clingy sort.

It hoards me.

wanting me at any hour

undressing thoughts I wish to keep hidden.

Tasting each corner and curve of my mind

it possess for its pleasure 

while I’m left here..

staring through the ceiling

begging it to end  

I’ve endured you long enough 

your love isn’t welcomed, 



Inspector gadget

I spy a spy
wait.. no..

I spy a fucking spying bitch.

who appears to have way too much time 

on their hands.

I giggle, mainly because they are so obvious.

Secondly because I too spy from time to time.

but there is a line between

researching and psycho stalking.

something every spy tells themselves to

feel better. So when spying, spy cautiously

because that line between researching

and psycho stalking, is thin as fuck.