Chapter 2016. Page 365.


This time last year everything was different. I was very excited to be going into the new year because New Years day has always been one of my favorite holidays coming in third to Thanksgiving and my birthday of course. When the clock strikes 12 you get that feeling of a fresh start, a reset.

I was so ready, my goals and plans had been all lined up, I had just come out of a terrible funk and was ready to grab this year by the horns. It was gonna be a year to remember. A great year. that. it was.

What a year. Even though it was great I couldn’t be more happy that this one is over. It is in the past but it will always remain with me as the year I overcame obstacles head on. A day wont go by in my future life without a memory from this year crossing my mind. both good and bad. It really was one of my most important years for growth and coming into womanhood. The year started off with an unexpected breakup and displacement that had my goals and plans looking harder to achieve and we were only one month in. I was forced to do something I had trouble with (because independency) reach out for help. I was rewarded in a tremendous way. (lesson of 2016: its ok to ask for help)

A few years ago I had already gone through a phase of “finding myself” so this year was different. It was like a test of my strength, strength in God and strength in myself. It was about growth, stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving bad habits behind, closing doors to open new opportunities. (lesson of 2016: learn to say no, for my sake) I strengthened my mind and my spirituality, I really began believing in myself, making sure I paid close attention to my thoughts. I also became more dedicated to loving myself and my body and during the process, I lost 25 pounds. Well you know my confidence skyrocketed and this process we love to call “the glo up” was set in motion. With a “idgaf about your opinion of me, I love who I am” attitude I felt like the shit (in the most humble of ways) It was like this new KB had emerged and was more than ready to leave the past in the past and move forward.

In 2016 one of my close friends got married and I got to  be a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding. Oh yea and I chopped all my hair off and have been rockin a bad ass cut ever since. I moved out, and got my own spot. Traveled to the Dominican Republic for my birthday and I gained 3 (yes three, my lucky number) beautiful and supportive sister circles not only that I needed but are very thankful to have. I lost a few friends in the process but such is life, as difficult as it may be I learned to embrace the good with the bad, and realize that everything happens for a reason, because you never know what opportunities may present themselves once one door closes.

I also got the opportunity to go to a few concerts. I saw my obsession (Kid Cudi) not ony once but twice this year.(He’s so much better in person) I saw 2 powerful women who delivered 2 unforgettable (and emotional) albums and didn’t give a FUCK what anybody thought about them (Beyonce and Rihanna) and a host of other artists I’ve never seen before like: Anderson.paak, Sango, Future, Rae Shremmurd, Goldlink and a few I’ve seen before like The Internet, Jhene Aiko and Schoolboy Q.

2016 had plenty of great laughs. I’ve worried myself into headaches and I’ve cried more tears in the last 365 days than in the 27 years prior. I haven’t cried this much since 2010 (the other year that will go down in history) I’ve cried tears of joy and have bawled in sorrow. There were days where it hurt so much I didn’t know how I could make it. All that matters is that I did, and coming out of 2016  I feel like I want to yell “IT DON’T MATTER WHAT YOU TRIED TO DO, YOU COULDN’T DESTROY ME! I’M STILL STANDING! I’M STILL STRONG! AND I ALWAYS WILL BE.” (from Antwone Fisher)  So with all the lessons I’ve learned and memories I’ve made in 2016 it is now its time to make new memories in a new year. 2017 will be a great year. 2016 taught me well


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