Mercury Retrograde


Many people may not know that last Sunday May 22 we just concluded a mercury retrograde (this one fell between April 28th and May 22nd), pretty much this is where everyone who doesn’t know about astrology gets to have the experience, though not sure what it is and perhaps suspecting that something weird is going on. Associated with lost keys, late or lost payments, disk drive failures, and communication mishaps, the mercury retrograde is not known to have a very good reputation, yet there are some people that love it- if you are the creative type (like me!), or if you have a slightly tweaky mind (like me!), if you like the feeling of swimming against the current, or you might be someone who looks forward to the retrograde happening.
For those of you who don’t know about this astrological “happening,” here’s the easiest way to explain it: The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such. It goes in a retrograde motion—or motion that makes it appear to be going backwards—three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. When Mercury is retrograde, there’s usually much confusion, people forget little things and there are delays and many frustrations.
Mercury retrograde happens when the planet mercury passes between the earth and the sun and because Mercury’s orbit is about 84 days this happens about 3 times a year (as if once wasn’t enough) I just found out that mercury is actually not made of mercury, (go figure) it is believed to be made up of mostly iron, and believed to have the highest iron content of any planet in the solar system. that is another way of saying that the mercury retrograde is like a huge magnet passing between the earth and the sun, this might be why devices start acting up or why we have the tendency to lose things or perceive problems to be worse than what they are (the nervous system does run on electricity you know, and the mind also is rooted in electricity and magnetism)
Because this is not my first retrograde that I have been aware of and I knew the retrograde was coming, I feel like for the most part I was prepared and ready to grab this one by the horns, but little did I know it had some tricks up it sleeve as well! Below are a few stories of me and my friends misfortunes, enjoy lol !
One monday I decided I was in the mood for italian food, so me and a couple of co-workers ordered from Olive garden, I put the address in my GPS (it was supposed to be a 15 minute drive) I work in Arlington VA, the Olive Garden is in Arlington but my GPS thought it would be funny to take me all way to the Olive garden in Tysons Corner (40 minutes out of my way and in the rain mind you) all I could do was laugh at that moment but I did still end up getting my food.(retrograde or not I was getting my food) And later on that day I went to fill up my gas tank, and I think I was doing too many things at once because when I got home I realized that I had misplaced my credit card (I rarely lose anything!) I tore apart my car, my purse and the desk at work looking for that damn card only to come up empty handed (again I had to chuckle at the retrograde)
Later on that week  after me and my friend Kee had a bomb ass convo about life I woke up the next morning to a phone that was on 15% battery. I plugged in the charger but nothing happened, I inspected the cord,  the phone, the charger port everything!, my phone just would not charge so I turned it off to conserve the battery because I wasn’t having it and I  was planning to get a new phone on my lunch break, but as soon as I got in the car and plugged my phone in, it magically started charging
During the conversation with Kee she also told me how the retrograde was effecting her. She had a huge design project that she had to turn in for the end of the semester saved on her flash drive, and the next thing she knows she looked in her purse and he flash drive has snapped in HALF! (worst part is, she forgot to back up the data)
I have other technology related stories as well, where a friends phone wouldn’t send messages for a week (until the retrograde was over) but she could receive them or how one co-worker bought a 55 inch TV and had to return it that next day because it broke as soon as she got home.
I also noticed during the time of the retrograde I was extremely creative (more creative than usual), I began writing more and I even took up coloring and painting which I find to be so relaxing. I also found the time to complete a 1000 piece puzzle in only a few hours.
Now, I know you can’t stop your life just because a Mercury retrograde hits. There’s always something you can’t avoid or put off. But if you have time to plan ahead, do so; you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches (believe me!). Since Mercury also rules travel and trips, it is not a good time to travel unless you have backup plans in place. Expect delays, double-check accommodations, and check every-thing!!(double check if you have to!)
I have two travel stories. One of my co-workers booked a flight to Miami (I advised her against it but she was determined to go) and then just days before she was set to leave, had to cancel the trip because of an emergency and her leave got denied at the last minute.
Another friend recently came back from a trip to the Dominican Republic and she told me while she was there it ended up raining the entire trip, and to make matters worse, when she got back, her luggage had been misplaced and ended up on another plane.
Sometimes, even when you plan ahead, Mercury retrogrades can get the best of you! One morning on my way to work I left early to anticipate traffic (because of the retrograde there had been not of accidents lately as well) and I ended up running into an accident, I quickly turned on my Waze app to see how far ahead the accident was only to find out when I got to the location of the accident there was no accident lol
During the retrograde it is recommended that you DONT: start anything new, make important decisions, buy computers, appliances, TVs, radios, etc., travel without back-up plans, sign contracts, buy a car, negotiate a contract, file a lawsuit, start a new job, begin a new class, go on a “first” date, expect things to move quickly, take anything for granted.
Because you can expect: angrier people, crazy drivers, more accidents, miscommunication, quarrels, computer problems and breakdowns, delays, more mistakes, slow mail, games of phone tag, wrong directions,  missed appointments and dead cell phones.
The mercury retrograde isn’t all bad though,is also a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and where you want to redirect your energies. This time is needed  to review and decide if we’re taking the right road. These days give us the opportunity to do so. So when it does it come back around, you have to learn to work with it, rather than agains it, remember it is energy and there is a “re” in retrograde. It is good for Re-applying for a job, Re-doing hair color, Re-writing your resume, Reviewing your bank account, Renewing a loan, Repairing your car, Re-contacting past clients and my favorite Research!
Some helpful tips for getting through the retrograde are: read and re-read ALL contracts, have someone else look them over, too, (discount double check) check your travel plans several times, if you need to, ask questions over and over during negotiations, mail packages early, check the zip codes, fill your gas tank, please don’t check your luggage if you’re flying, carry on everything if possible, if you are making purchases, keep your receipt and know the store’s return policy, Keep your cell phone battery charged, and last but not least watch your driving.
Since we have already been through one retrograde next time remember that Mercury is the trickster. That means he, she or it can be tricky, and you need to use your mind — not have your mind be tricked. Mercury is a kinda like a game, as long as you are a good sport and keep your sense of humor, it’ll be over before you know it.

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