A Mothers Love. (late mothers day post)

32233444-Happy-Mothers-Day-Stock-VectorMotherhood is such a wonderful thing, and even though I am not a mother yet, nor do I desire to be one at this current moment,  I’ve been observing the women who are mothers and greatly admiring them. See because I already know that I am equipped with what it takes to not only be a phenomenal woman and wife, but an extraordinary mother as well. (I’ve also been told this by numerous people)  and I’ve learned from the best (thanks to my own mother) I also have a God daughter who will be turning 4 next month( I still can’t believe it) she is so intelligent and so aware and so loving. She means the world to me. I love kids and that’s why I love my job, not always the politics of the job but I love coming in every morning, and seeing their little faces and learning new things about them everyday including how they communicate, with actions and words as well as how they learn and how they love. But when dealing with kids we also have to interact with parents. So a couple weeks ago for mothers day we had a sip and paint event where the moms and dads could come and eat cookies and cake and drink tea with their kids and afterwards paint with them. What I loved the most about this event was not only the amount of parents that came out to support but also the love and patience I witnessed. One mommy stuck out to me the most. She has three children that attend the center and she made sure she spent equal time with them, but her son is in my class. As I walked around and helped facilitate the paint event I noticed how she took time to eat the cake with him and talk to him about his day and the patience she had when it came time to paint (she was still in her work clothes mind you) how patient she was with him even though she mentioned that they had to get ready to leave. I love the love I see my friends and other mother’s give their children. I love the mental strength they have to have when it comes to dealing with young children. I love how they push them, encourage them and teach them the real life lessons at such a young age (like how to speak in complete sentences), I love how they do their best because they know someone is always looking up to them. Getting to experience all this now just let’s me know even more that when I have  my little raisinetes, offspring, mini me’s, children ( I want 3) that I will be an excellent mommy because I learned from the best!

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