Last weekend I saw Rihanna in concert with one of my best girlfriends Shannavis. Now I’m not a big Rih-Rih fan but she is, and has been ever since I’ve known her. So when I found out she was coming to Baltimore I knew we had to go and over a girls night out we decided we were going. Finally April 9th came and you know on our way there, we had to turn up a bit, we had some wine and of course I had my go-to (Henny!). When we got there Travis Scott was performing, and Shannavis was not a big fan of Travis but I had been ever since my friend got me hip to “Days before rodeo” and of course he performed all of his radio hits including, “mamacita”, “3500”, “skyfall”, “bake sale” and finishing up with “ANTIdote” which of course got the crowd hype! After he got off stage we took this time to re-up on drinks and food because lawd knows I was hungry. Knowing they were hitting heads with the food prices we still made our way to the concession stands, (chicken tenders and fries for $11.00 really!) but hey when hunger strikes for me..price doesn’t matter, so I made it back to my seat in time just in time for Rih-Rih to hit the stage and did she hit the stage! She came out  in this cute beige hooded jumpsuit on the opposite side of her stage and started off with “stay” and “love the way you lie” and then as her moving bridge came down “woo” came on and shawdy slayed! The Rihanna I was used to came out! Off bat the thing I loved the most about her performance was not only her energy and idgaf (I dont give a fuck!) what anybody thinks about me mentality but the sultry confidence she exudes in the way she moves and sings, like in her songs “sex with me” “birthday cake” and “work” Rihanna is sexy as fuck! I’m not even gonna lie and her emotional side helps the audience really connect to her music like when she performed songs like “four five seconds” “higher” “consideration” and “love on the brain”. overall I wouldn’t say this is the best concert I’ve been to, (because I’ve seen Kid Cudi already) but it was enjoyable enough that she gained a new fan!


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