April Showers..


Okay everybody knows April showers bring May flowers right? Right! And with these April showers comes cleansing and growth. Ever since I was little I’ve loved the rain but especially in the spring time, not only can it be relaxing and calming but as a person with allergies there is a great and I mean overwhelmingly great relief that comes when it finally rains and washes all the pollen away. Let me be the first to tell you, April is about to be lit!  First off April is National Poetry Month so I will be posting some awesome new poetry, and quotes that I like. April is also Autism Awareness Month and since autism hits so close to home with me I will also be sharing my personal views on that as well. Lastly because this month is about cleansing and growth I want to start off by growing through affirmations. Affirmations are sentences that affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. When you repeat said affirmations, they are likely to motivate you, energize you and inspire you; which in turn influences your behavior, changes your habits, actions and reactions, and can also bring you in contact with new people that can help you reach your goals.

I’m all for speaking POSITIVE words into existence and that’s all affirmations are, verbally making things happen. April is gonna be about making things happen and I’m going to start each day by posting an affirmation and living that affirmation throughout the day.

After the insight I received I’m really glad April is already starting to look up especially after the past few months and Im excited and ready for this new chapter.

…come along


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