Can we get much higher?

Has anyone else been feeling extremely enlightened lately, like you’re starting a new journey, way of thinking, job…etc and you’re excited for what The Universe has in store because you know just how poppin your life is gonna be?…or is that just me?

I can say it’s this new moon; which has not only allowed me to easily release and let go of people that were not for me and traits that hindered my growth journey but to also accept and see things for what they really are. I realized I was making a big of a deal out of the smallest things and staying upset longer than I should have. This period has really allowed my creativity to manifest into something amazing. Ideas have literally been flying non stop into my head. Last week I got a tarot card reading done on me which verified this period of letting go, growth and rebuilding myself back up to my best self ever! I’ve been on a positive high, speaking into existence everything I want and meditating a lot more. I’m open and excited to try to new things yet scared of what the future holds but learning to not only trust The Universe (God) because I know I am equipped with everything I need but to trust myself as well.

Pretty much….I’m lit!!!

Who gon stop me?


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