For the past 3 years I have been wanting to get my hair cut, I had always mentioned to people that I had wanted to do it and most of the time the responses I got back were “why?, but you have such pretty hair”  or my personal favorite “No, don’t cut it, I will kill you!” (nobody wants to be killed over some hair…right?)  Thing is I know I have been blessed with an amazing head of thick beautiful curly hair. (Which still managed to revive itself from the many colors and bleaching jobs I’ve done to it in the past) About a month ago I noticed I had grown tired of dedicating a good portion of my Sundays (especially during football season) to washing, detangling, conditioning, oiling, styling and then drying my hair. (Natural ladies know what I’m talking about) I realize that I had become too attached to my hair and even being a Black woman I didn’t like caring about it that much. Some people love to maintain long hair which is fine, but for me I needed a change and the best time to do it was now, or else another 3 years would’ve gone by and I’d still have the same hairstyle wondering “what if..”  Life is too short for boring hair!!! (my go-to response to anybody who asks  me why I switch up my hair so much)
So about mid week last week I took the plunge and made my hair appointment for 7am Saturday morning at Salon Christol in Largo MD, even though I was still on the fence about the cut I wanted. Later that night I FaceTime-d my sister friend Shakeema or (Kee) and as we had our girl talk, I expresed to her that I was still unsure of the style /cut I wanted, and she told me “Just pick a style and get it!”
Here I go….. “But what if… And see there are these…. OhI like this one too” (clearly making sure I exhaust all possibilities)
so she repeats herself “Giirrrl if you don’t just pick the style and get it! That’s it! It’s that simple!” (see this is why I love her) and in about 30 minutes I had picked out my style.
The next couple of days I was secretly excited, secretly because not only had I chosen the cut but I wasn’t gonna tell anybody I was even getting my hair cut (I love surprises btw even though Kee already knew and I had managed to slip up and tell a few co-workers but that’s it) Saturday came and Greg (the master cutter) asked me “Are you sure you want to cut off all this pretty hair?” I just smiled and said “yes Greg, cut it off!” I quickly showed him the the cut I wanted and he got started. The way I was position in my chair I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could hear it, let me tell you, ya man sounded like edward scissorhands himself, and then I finally started to see my hair fall on my smock, let me tell you, I wanted to grab it! Have a moment with it before hit the floor, pour out my water for my fallen locs, say goodbye, something! But instead I just pushed it onto the ground and kept smiling. About 2 hours later  I was done and Greg turn me around to face the mirror and I wanted to cry, he had done such a fantastic job I looked like a completely different person, like a little more mature and sexy (I may actually look my age now) but still cute (which until as of late I have always thought that ‘cute’ was for puppies and babies) Kirsten.
I love my new haircut, and it grows on me more and more everyday. I love it so much in fact I don’t miss my hair at all, its freeing. I believe your hair can hold energy, whether its good or bad I feel that cutting your hair sometimes is just necessary, just like shedding negative energy in your life that comes in the form of things and people. And just like your life, your hair needs a change. I loved my long hair but I’d cut it in a heart beat if it opens up some positive changes in my life.  Plus after my recent breakup I wanted to re-vamp myself, become a better person by being more true and real. I still honor my hair as a symbol that I was there before this, through this, and will still be here after this. I also acknowledge that even though there were those bad times there were also some good and my hair was part of the good… but for now I wanted a change. So why not start with something I’ve always wanted to do right? *snip snip*  I feel like shedding/cutting your hair will always feel good at/after times of stress because its something dramatic we can control, when it feels like a lot of other things are happening that we are unable to control. (cues Frozen Let it go)
If you want a happier life, think happiness. I felt that my hair was a part of what made me attractive but I now realize that there is nothing more attractive than an open-minded woman willing to try new things and sometimes you just gotta shed…but don’t worry it’ll grow back. 


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