Who is KB?


I go by KB because of how easily it rolls off the tongue for the people who have trouble pronouncing my real name, which is Kirsten (not Kristen, Kerstin or some other variation), pronounced KEER-sten (like BEER) so the real question is,”Who is Kirsten?” Well you can say that Kirsten is someone that has a deep inner desire for travel & adventure and wants to set her own pace in life, without being governed by tradition. Or you can say Kirsten is someone who strives for harmony and balance in her life and responds positively to beautiful things. Hell it can even be said that Kirsten is completely amazing in all ways, shapes and forms, beautiful, caring, loving, friendly, easy to talk to, funny, interesting, fun to be around, attractive, dependable, loyal, silly and reliable (says urban dictionary and  truthfully I agree!) But in reality not too many people know who I am, because sometimes I don’t even know my damn self. (One thing for sure I do know is that I am one of a kind…like a fire-breathing fairy unicorn from outer space) But the ones that do know me are one of a kind as well. In my own words I’ll say that I’ve always been a thinker as opposed to a speaker soooo transferring my feelings into words has taken much practice and not to mention patience but I’m getting better at it. My mind is always all over the place, coming up with plans and schemes, but I like it that way. Better to have my brain wander, than be in the same place standing still. I’m an energetic 27 year, vertically impaired, curly haired, cocoa-eyed queen with the heart of a child and the mind and experience of a wise woman. I’ve lost a few friends and loved ones along the way, but I’ve gained wisdom, knowledge, acceptance and even more love in the process of loosing. I look at life as a gigantic lesson whenever things seem to go wrong and learn and grow from the experience instead of engulfing myself in the sadness. I enjoy the simple things in life which happen to be sleeping in, reading, spending time with friends and family, discovering new things and traveling. I am an avid thrifter, reader, writer, Swedish-fish eater, love maker, eye opener, cowboys lover, redskins hater, movie go-er, mistake maker, peace maker, explorer, wanderer, recovering perfectionist, 1/2 emotional, 1/2 logical, sagittarius, inspirational, determined, go-getter, spiritual, goofy, enthusiastic, energetic, caring, life student, creator and of course lover above all.


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