Fantastic Voyage


I have the ultimate passion for traveling! There is nothing I love more than getting out to see this beautiful world and be open to new experiences; whether it is booking a flight with a friend to a country we’ve never been to before or hopping on the greyhound bus to New York to see my “big sister”/roommate Azia. I love the thrill of starting in one location and ending up in another one all in the same day. But my main goal is to make sure I enjoy the journey/ process it takes to get to my destination.  I start with packing the bags (can’t stay focused hype) driving to the airport (can’t sit still in my seat hype) going through security (hype for obvious reasons) boarding the plane and sitting in your window seat (I understand why Erykah requested a window seat type of hype) and when the plane takes off (well by now its just too much and the only choice I have is to just relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride!) I don’t just apply this approach to travel, but to my life. I’ve always viewed life as not just a growing process with many traits I need to embrace and lessons to learn but also as something to be enjoyed as much as possible and not to be taken too seriously. This journey will eventually get me to my final destination, which is happiness. (or The Good Life as Kanye would call it) Throughout this journey I  want to  be happy, live in the moment, and stay positive in the process and even though I know there will be obstacles and situations that will arise ,that will not be very favorable, I’ll  have to learn from them to grow through them and make the most of this fantastic voyage!


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